Carol & Zach

May 23, 2015

The Wedding Party

Thank you to our family and best friends for helping us plan the best day ever! More importantly, thank you for supporting us as individuals and as a couple, always. We love you.

Amy Scheffler
Maid of Honor

Only a year and two weeks younger, Amy and Carol should have been twins. They shared everything growing up, and even attended Northeastern University together in Boston, where they were also roommates for a few years. Amy is Carol's oldest and bestest friend – her true partner in crime, loyal ally (though also her occasional arch enemy when fighting over clothes), and trusted sounding board.


Nicole Yeaman-Sanchez

Nicole is Carol's soon-to-be older sister. They share a love of Fiats, swimming and running, and even ran in their first half marathon together (though Carol wishes she were even half the athlete that Nicole is). 


Courtney Pong

Carol and Courtney met and worked at Eastwick together. A talented improv comedian, Courtney is not only a source of comic relief (her bits are awesome), but she's also the most supportive health nut and a fellow dino lover.


Kristin Skliba

Kristin and Carol became friends via Laura and Pam, and would have been fast friends sooner had distance not kept them apart for so long. They share a passion for all things crafty, a love for dance, and and appreciation of a well-organized spreadsheet. And they also both work at Eastwick where their desks are right next to one another.


Laura Polden

Laura and Carol first met in Boston, but it wasn't until they were roommates in California that they became so close. Laura is incredibly loving and has been by Carol's side through thick and thin. Together they cannot get enough of popcorn (any and all flavors, or with many condiment concoctions on top), are avid San Jose Sharks fans (this will be our year), and love spending a good Friday night binge-watching TV shows (Laura cooks, Carol cleans).


Pam Lambert

Pam and Carol became close while living in the Bay Area. Their friendship has spanned the state as Pam has been studying at UCLA Law School for the past 3 years (graduating May 15, 2015!). They are wine tasting partners, triathlon cheerleaders, closet entrepreneurs, and clothes shopping addicts. 


Tyler Gloski
Best Man

Ty and Zach have been friends since they were forced to play together on the same basketball court after they got in trouble for fighting in elementary school – not with each other. After that week, they started hanging out off the basketball court, all the time. They share a passion for surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding and snowboarding, sometimes all in the same day! This year, Zach began helping out as an assistant coach for Ty's Jr. Sharks 16A ice hockey team.


Josh Gaydosh

Josh and Zach have been friends since they met in the library during a free 5th period in high school. The two lived together for a couple of years while attending college in Santa Cruz. They both share an affinity for sushi, Giants baseball, and Sharks hockey.


Greg Lambert

Greg and Zach met at the end of 2011. After a night of drinking, Greg convinced Zach to start training for his first triathlon. Since then, they have trained together, and competed in many of the same events (Greg always finishing a good amount earlier). Greg, like Zach, is a huge Giants baseball fan.


Brent Smith

Brent and Zach met while working at United Ambulance. After working together for a bit, Zach left for another company. Six months later, Brent showed up at the front door of Zach's station for a pre-hire ride-along. Zach put in a good word to make sure Brent was hired and made his partner. They worked together four days a week for five months until Brent switched to work in Mendocino County. Zach followed a month later.


Spencer McClelland

Spence and Zach have known each other since the 6th grade. They first met when running against each other at the Jr. Olympics. Spence won by a healthy margin. In high school, they played hockey together and spent many hours driving around in Zach's car. They were roommates and classmates in Santa Cruz where they attended EMT class together.


Troy Gloski

Troy and Zach met sometime in elementary school after Ty and Zach's basketball court incarceration. Zach and Troy became very good friends through tons of snowboard excursions as well as weekends away at the Delta. In high school, they spent many hours raising hell in Zach's car.